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Wybron Nexera LX Reflector


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I recently bought an old Nexera LX unit (2570, mainly to play around with) but it has arrived with a cracked and flaking reflector... Google has drawn a blank, I can't even find a parts number for it.


Does anyone know of a part number for it/where I can find a replacement? Alternatively does it happen that a 3.5" deep, 5" diameter reflector is a common item? (I know that's not how it works, but I'm hopeful)

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These boys might be worth a shout.

The were active last year when we needed some old scroller parts (now replaced with a current manufacturer).


My understanding was this group bought all the ols Wybron stock when they went out of business.

Nexera is under Misc section. No reflector listed but they may be able to help source one.



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