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Currently trying out the ADJ COB Cannon Wash (RGBA).


The unit itself is quite impressive but using it with the remote controller, ADJ RFC, is proving unsuccessful !!


I have followed the instructions, which are poor, very carefully but it just doesn't work as it should.


The distance from controller to unit is not a problem as the back of the Cannon Wash indicates it is receiving a signal.


Anyone who has tried this and can give me guidance would be really appreciated.






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Thanks Don you have identified two key issues.


You mention the fan noise. It appeared to run absolutely silently but turns out that the demo Cannon Wash supplied was faulty. The fan did NOT WORK so when the unit became warm it instead switched off the LED (presumably as a safety mechanism). Minutes later it would turn on and subsequently alter between OFF and ON.


As I had no idea about this fault, it appeared that pressing buttons on either the remote or the rear of the unit itself was randomly causing the Cannon Wash to malfunction!!!!


I later realized the remote RFC does in fact work - but, with no display on it, you have no idea where the settings are without actually looking at the display on the rear of the Cannon Wash. My opinion is that the RFC is of very little use, and I must add the instructions in the manual are not at all clear!


I do not have a DMX controller but, having been given access to one, I now think it is the way to go.


Using DMX cable was the first point you mentioned Don. Thank you - you we're correct.

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