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Introduction To QLab 4 (Online)


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I have a few spare places left on my next Intro To QLab course that starts next month on 24th November.


The course is conducted online, asynchronously (meaning you can do the work when it suits you) and brings the beginner from nothing to being able to create quite complex cued shows of sound and video playback. I have been teaching QLab since version 2 and now have many successful QLab users in the industry. This course is arguably the start of all you'll ever need to eventually completely master QLab with some real life show experience.


You only need the free version of the QLab 4 software and access to a Mac to run it. You won't need additional hardware, sound systems or projectors.


There is some work to do, you'll need time to do it. This isn't a few videos and a quiz - you'll actually produce something. (The course doesn't include the lighting control element but once you have the basics of QLab you can work a lot of the other stuff out for yourself.)


The content is pitched over a 4 weekly units (a few hours commitment per week) but the timeframe to complete is 8 weeks. This leaves you flexibility in order to manage your life, work and the course itself. I will work directly with you and what you produce on the course so you get the best learning possible.


Cost for the course is £97 GBP and you can book and secure your place via PayPal via the course information page at:


Introduction To QLab 4 Online Course.

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