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AST belt[pack potentiometer

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Does anyone know where it is possible to obtain a spare volume control pot for an AST beltpack as shown here . It incorporates a mounting bracket which forms the back of the pot itself and extends round the sides. The only marking is '10KB' There are some ALPS models which are vaguely similar and various american sites supply a Peavey component which at first sight looks similar but the bracket is at the front of the pot rather than the rear. I've looked at RS and Mouser but can't find anything. Any ideas?



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I presume you mean ASL ?


Finding compatible pots (and switches, and connectors) is a difficult job. I haven't seen one like that from any of the usual suspects. First port of call would be to contact the manufacturer and see if they will supply it as a spare, must be one of the most often-broken bits of the beltpack.

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Sorry, I can't help.  I bought the last one Polar Audio had in stock in 2017 or 2018 and did the repair but the same unit was dropped soon afterwards and came back to me. It's currently awaiting repair again but I haven't found a supplier for the pot (I put it on one side during lockdown and forgot about it).  I haven't been able to find any adverts for a current ASL stage intercom system and it looks as if the company was taken over in 2016 by Riedel Communications which seems to produce rather more upmarket wireless products. 
You've prompted me to have another look at the beltpack - I'll let you know if I can source a suitable pot.

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