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Cheap scalers?

Dave m

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I'm looking at the black magic tv studio HD which seems to be very good value for money.

However, it insists that all channels get the same feed in terms of input, so I wondered about the use of cheap scalers should I run into issues

Are there any good cheap single channel boxes? Chinese ? Amazon? Hdmi probably


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What do you consider cheap? We keep finding uses for Decimator Md-HX's. Really handy for converting sdi to hdmi and visa Versa, but also with a scaling function to sort out any fussy switcher issues!
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We've got one of the Amazon cheapys which works well into a BlackMagic mixer. I will try and find out what it is exactly... I think it was about £40


edit to add:


this is the link to one which looks identical to what we have got, £23.99



We use it to get laptop output (HDMI) into the Blackmagic mixer if we can't get the laptop to output the exact correct video format the mixer is wanting. Once passed through the device (which we leave setup to match the mixer settings) it always works fine. Nifty little box for the money.

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