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Unique 2.1 hazer noise


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Has anybody any experience with Look Solutions Unique 2.1 hazer? We just bought one. My question is, should it be humming constantly even when I have it on zero from console? It will start humming as soon as I turn power on and will hum until I set it off and it does it's cooldown. And then it's quiet.


If it should be in effects and pyro then please move it to the right category.



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In my experience that's how the air pump sounds on all the Unique versions. If you take the lid off the unit the air pump is the part nearest the front (it used to be an Elite 800 although this might have changed). If you touch it while the unit is powered up you should feel the same vibration.
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Just as a bit if information, albeit a few years late...an air pump is essentially a transformer and a magnet. So if it sounds like a transformer is running in your unique, that is the correct sound. The air pump should be running all the time to keep the block from getting bunked up. It’s a great feature in the unique.
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