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recommendations.. looking for some new PAR64 cans....

Louis sullivan NLS

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Hi all,


I am looking for some PAR64 cans to replace the ones on our 6way IWB's.


They need to be a 'Pro Tour-Proof' type, the ones currently on the bars are DTS units from Italy (had James Thomas before..)


After looking online, no-one seems to sell any, only cheap thin aluminum ones from Showtec, Eurolite etc etc. which due to there quality after one week of use thy will look in a worse state than the ones we already have!


Can anyone recommend any 'pro quality' ones? Someone showed me some TMB 'Pro can' models which seemed up to the standards I am looking for but can't seem to find anywhere who sells them online..


Otherwise if anyone has any DTS classic cans with PARsafes sitting around brand new.....


thanks in advance!

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