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Ql1 with DL32


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I am not a Sound / Audio Tech by any stretch - So I just blurt it out... I've tried to find the answer several places to no avail.... so




Will a Yamaha QL1 work with the Midas DL32 Digital Snake ?


Currently our company has 3 QL1 Consoles and 2 M32 consoles, we have the DL32's for our M32's and are going to be getting the Rio1608 for the QL1's. I was just wondering if until we got the Rio's if

we can use the DL32's with the QL1's..



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M32 uses AES50 whereas Rio (I believe) uses Dante. They're not directly compatible but you can get a Dante card for the M32 series. I suspect you wouldn't be able to control preamps via that though. There are various boxes out there that can convert from one format to another so it's possible on paper but I'm not sure how successful you'd be in practice.
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The simple answer is, "no you can't ".



Could you connect a DL32 to an M32 fitted with a Dante card and connect that to the QL1?


Most likely, yes, but that's not a simple DL32 to QL1 solution and it needs a $750 Dante card plus another desk to achieve it.

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