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Yammer Group for School Technicians


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For the attention of all School Technicians.

I am a Creative & Performing Arts Technician at an Academy in Mansfield.


With the introduction of Office 365 and the collaborative nature of its platforms, Ihave set up an open Yammer group, in the hope that other local techniciansworking around the UK can share ideas, ask questions and lend support, asa sort of education based technician community.


The USP of this group is that it if a Facebook style community where technicianscan 'show off' what they are doing and is in no way intended to muscle in onthis forum, which seems to be invaluable!


The group is currently in its infancy however, I hope that as more members join,the community becomes a valuable resource to us all and our schools


I hope that this is something that will be of interest to you and would like toinvite you to join the group ...Please PM me your email address and I will send you a yammer invitation


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