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Someone is offering few to me for $3500 used each, about 700 lamp hours.



Seems like a nice projector, can't really find anything wrong or bad with it.

The native 1400x1050 res is unusual but it's more than 1280x720 which is better than what I use now (XGA) and is finally in the HD range albeit not full HD.


Need to use it for video mapping. Right now I use few 5000 lumen Hitachi CP-X5022WN's for mapping and they barely get the job done for some of the outdoor shows because of the brightness.



So, anyone used or has experience with this Panasonic projector?

The 4 lamp replacement cost on each for $1000 feels a lot but hey, it's 4 lamps I guess.


if you have other options in a similar price range you'd suggest instead which you've found or sell yourself feel free to PM.

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What's the total projector lamp-on time. These are a pretty old projctor, so I would be cautious. Additionally, every projector that takes the ET-LAD10000 lamp has been out of production for over 5 years - how long you will be able to get lamps may be in question.


I have used others from the same generation - they were a real workhorse projector. The lenses are easy to come across. The projectors themselves are large in comparison to modern 10k projectors. If you are looking to map and blend with these projectors, I would find out how much it would cost to get them torn down and cleaned. Otherwise you may find that even with new lamps you are not getting anywhere near full brightness.


From memory the lamp life is 2k hours but starts to seriously decrease in output after about 1500 hours.

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Yeah the lamp life is 2K. So if the used lamp hours is 700 in ideal conditions it means at most the brightness is down by 35% (3500 lumens) right?


By the way what to you tear down and clean? The optical system, with the DMD or LCD chips, the fresnel lens, dielectric mirrors, the PBS cube and other lenses? Aren't the optical systems sealed?The lamp cooling system and PCBs are probably pretty dusty but I don't see how that would affect the image brightness. So what did you mean?



Which other similar projectors did you have in mind?

I wouldn't mind paying around $3000 for newer or less used 8K lumen projectors. If you have come across some let me know. For some reason used 6K lumen+ projectors are hard to find for me, chinese LED projectors clutter and flood search results. Have tried Google and eBay so far. Amazon gave almost nothing. Thanks.

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