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DMX and Busking Lighting Courses


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Dear all.


I have a couple of places left on each of below courses and there is a discount offer for those who wish to book for both courses. PM me for details on how to book and pay for combined offer or with any questions that you don’t want to ask here.


This is the last time in 2017 I will be running these courses at learn.onstagelighting.co.uk, so last chance before the year is out. Each course is 4 weeks, part-time, but can be completed in 8 weeks to give flexibility for other work. The delivery is asynchronous so you can fit it into your own schedule and do the work whenever suits you.


DMX Stage Lighting Systems Micro Course


Booking deadline: 4th July 2017

Start Date: 7th July 2017

Delivery: Online, asynchronous

Standard cost: £87 GBP


Introduction To Busking Techniques Micro Course


Start Date: 1st September 2017

Delivery: Online, asynchronous

Standard cost: £97 GBP


Combined Discount


Booking deadline: 4th July 2017

DMX and Busking Courses combination: £147.00 GBP


How the Micro Courses schedule works


Each unit is released weekly, starting on the official start date of the course. The deadlines for the unit assignments are set to start on the 5th week. This gives you a total of 8 weeks to complete a 4 week part-time course. Here are some examples:


* You are able to start on the official start date, have plenty of time to engage with the course and can manage to finish after 4 weeks.

* You can't complete one of the units in that week as you have a particularly week during the course. You still have time to 'catch up'.

* You are unable to really start until the 5th week, but still have 4 weeks to complete when you have more time.

This schedule is designed to allow for flexibility, while giving you a clear structure to help you manage your workload and actually complete the course.


The bonus material is best enjoyed after you have completed the final assignment and therefore the course.


All material remains available to you after the course is over.


DMX Stage Lighting Systems


This Micro Course is designed to take the learning from little or no knowledge of DMX systems to be able to design, setup and troubleshoot a DMX system. Topics include:


* Key features of DMX

* How DMX controls a lighting system

* Core DMX hardware and its practical application

* DMX lighting system design and practice

* How DMX controls a lighting system

* Professional DMX practices

* Common problems and fault finding

* Intro to other DMX implementations such as ArtNet, RDM and sACN.


There is also bonus material on stage lighting control in practice and how media servers can be controlled using DMX and related methods.


The Micro Course is designed for stage lighting hobbyists and budding stage lighting professionals who need knowledge that is of practical use in the field. The knowledge gained will aid you to better understand what can seem a confusing black art in stage lighting. You will be provided with a certificate of completion following the course end. Note: The content is for those using stage lighting and not designed for electronic enthusiasts seeking to build their own custom DMX devices.


The course content is a specially designed mixture of original and curated learning materials, activities and interaction with both the tutor and peers.


Past clients have included:


* Sound/AV techs that need to start working with lighting systems.

* Lighting techs with ‘generics-only’ skills that have limited experience of DMX and complex moving light systems.

* School drama teachers that now have a load more complex kit in their venue.

* Local drama club volunteers who have found suddenly themselves 'in charge of lighting’.

* Young people hoping to make a career in professional lighting.



Introduction To Busking Techniques


The Intro To Busking Techniques Micro Course is a highly specialist and unique piece of training that introduces the learner to some of the techniques used in programming and running lighting for live music through improvisation. Playing the lighting desk like a musical instrument allows for a small amount of preparatory programming to be used to create a large and flexible array of lighting looks. This is particularly good for multi-act festivals and also for running lights for DJs / clubs etc.

Like all of my courses, this is the only course of its kind in the world where you can start from scratch and learn stuff that can take the professionals years to pick up from others on the road.


Once you have completed this Micro Course, you will have a solid understanding and practical skills in order to create and run lighting in a busking environment.


Unit 1 - Understanding Busking

This week starts at the very beginning. You will learn the key elements in busking and the concepts behind what we will do in future weeks.


Unit 2 - Core Lighting Control Skills

In order to create effective busking setups, there are some core lighting control concepts and skills needed to make progress. We work through the more important ones here.


Unit 3 - Designing and Creating Busking Setups

This week, we look at specific themes and ideas in designing busking show files and start to create a flexible busk page to use.


Unit 4 - Running The Show

In this final unit, we put your understanding of busking together with your skills in the creation of a busking file. Now you just need to run a show.


The final assignment includes running a short busked piece to music using the busk file that you have designed and programmed. During the course, you will get help and feedback from me in order to improve your understanding and give you direction for further learning.


Comments from my clients:


"I really enjoyed it... was more detailed than I expected and quite a sharp learning curve (from my point of view at least) but overall very positive."

"I look forward to more courses to expand my knowledge."

"Everything was so good and well organised"

"Great help. I'll be doing this again. Highly recommend."

"Rob was great in pointing me in the right direction on how to set up my lighting"

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