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IP rated spots or bars


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I'm doing a firework display and lightshow alongside a river that has quite a wide frontage with the audience on the opposite side of the river. I was wanting to put a line of Chauvet Colorband Pix IP's across the front of the site in order to do some pixel mapping type light movements across the front of the firework firing site. Unfortunately the site is around 50 metres wide, so that would mean 50 Chauvet colorbands side by side, which means that battons probably aren't going to be feasible. (Plus Chauvet have discontinued them anyhow).

So, what I'm thinking is putting some individual spots about a metre apart and DMX them so that I can move light around and maybe pixel map them to do some really cool effects in time with the music.

So, I need your advice on what lights I could use. They need to be:

- IP rated as the weather in the UK is unpredictable

- Very responsive so that they lamp on and off very, very quickly with an immediate on / off with little lag

- Suitably bright and able to change colours

- Fairly available so I can rent enough of them

Would really appreciate your thoughts and help on what I can use.

Thanks all


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Coloursound experiment stock well over 50 colourband ip's, and now also stock 100 aquabeams, very bright waterproof beams, with cmy colour mixing and pretty fast movement. We had 60 of them on a stage at wildlife festival last weekend and they looked amazing. Skip to the end of this video to see them
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You did thanks, sorry I placed it in the wrong thread and so only got one (your) response. Plus I didn't really describe what I was after very well, so have added a little more detail. I wanted to get a list of options to maximise my chance of being able to rent enough of them. Battery powered uplighters aren't going to be bright enough or responsive enough to do what I wanted to do, hence more detailed description of what I'm after and trying to achieve.


Hopefully that makes sense.


Uh... Didn't you post this exact question a couple of days ago? I'm sure I answered it...


In fact here it is






Do you want moving heads? If so, the Aquabeam is IP54 rated. You could alternatively stick movers inside an IP rated outdoor dome?


Prolight do a decent range of outdoor rated LED kit too.


Thanks, we've got 8 Martin MH7's, so really just after some (around 20 or so) fixed spots at the front to point forward and move lights left and right pixel mapping style

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Sorry I can't help with specific recommendations, but just getting my head round what you want.


It seems you are not wanting moving heads as such, but you do want to create a chase effect, so for example the spots will chase from left to right along the line of 50.


You simply need 50 IP rated colour changing LED PARS from what you've described. Lamp on/off isn't really a thing with LED - LEDs colour change by switching individual colours on and off or dimming them. Off to full on and off again is near instantaneous with LED, so it's down to whatever is controlling them if there is a lag.


Most programmable desks or computer programmes (using a USB>DMX dongle) will do what you want, whether it be a built-in preset (or shape) or by you programming each step manually.

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As sleah has mentioned if you don't need the moving head aspect you could achieve this with LED pars if needs be. Alternatively you could always look into the other batten options - there are quite a few. The Miltec Battens are pretty reasonable and a cheaper option than the Colourbands, mostly as they eschew the moving head functionality the only problem is they're IP20. They can run in master slave with a bunch of pre-programmed and user programmable chases too so if I'm understanding you correctly something like them would work for what you need. I would imagine there are a fair few batten options that would work in all honesty - Prolight probably have something similar with a suitable IP rating.


EDIT: No in-built chase functionality or pixel mapping (designed for washes), but Prolight's Spectra Battens are IP66 and you could probably achieve something reasonable using them.


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