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Recommend decent, lightweight and portable lighting for bands?


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I have been providing sound for various local events and am looking to add some lighting. I am completely new to lighting so have no idea what I should be looking to buy. I mainly work by myself so want something small, lightweight and effective.

I have used the common KAM Party Bar type of setup with 4 units attached to a T-Bar but would like to add some other lights to have more impact/variety to the stage lighting??


What would you recommend that's lightweight and very easy to rig by myself? I'm not sure on budget as I don't know what's available or how much it costs?



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Well - it's not too expensive nowadays, but there is so much you could buy - so what exactly do you want to actually do - and almost as important. Who will be working it! You say you provide sound, so who will do the lights - as in operate them? What are your intentions?
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