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Blue Room Meet - Edinburgh


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Following the success of the Blue Room meet at the ABTT show, there were suggestions of a meet up in Edinburgh.


How does Monday the 11th of August grab people?


Who could attend?


Where can we meet?


What time?



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Moderation, 20/7/04 02:07 - off-topic posts regarding travel arrangements split off to a fresh topic in Tea Break. This topic is about a potential Blue Room meet in Edinburgh, not how we're all going to get to Edinburgh - let's keep it on topic, please.
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OK how about the Brass Monkey, 14 Drummond street. Tuesday 10th August at around say 4:30-5ish.


I know a lot of people are going to be busy but if we have a make it when you can policy then hopefully most people will be there at some point during the evening.


And for those feeling even more foolish there could be an evening in the Penny Black!!

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