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EW100 / SK100 G2 powering off fault


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Apologies for jumping in with a problem for a first post, but the small amateur group I'm involved with have a production coming up next week, and one of our SK100 G2 transmitters has decided to give us grief!


Basically the transmitter, even with brand new alkaline batteries will power up, showing full battery on the display, but within a minute or so show 'off' on the display and turn off. I've tried other batteries just to be sure, and swapped them around with other transmitters to verify them, so I think it must be a fault or feature I'm not aware of.


I briefly wondered if somehow the battery flap was managing to press the power button (though of course the design shouldn't allow that), but it does it with the flap open or closed.


Anybody else seen this before who could offer some advice?


Thanks, Mark.

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