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ETC Sensor 3 dimmer, ThruPower module


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I have a job coming up at a venue that has a pwb grid fed from Sensor 3 dimmers with ThruPower modules.


They have an ETC ion which they connect via the ETC ACN network. With this they can set the ThruPower channels to dim or permanent-on for running led & movers.


The desk I will be using will be connected by DMX so I won't have access to the ACN commands to switch the module modes and the venue tech doesn't know how to do it at the rack end. (plus, personally I am more comfortable not having the ability to accidentally switch mode from the desk)

I've never used a Sensor dimmer, let alone with the ThruPower modules, so hoping it is a fairly obvious task but won't know until I get on site.


We will be looking to have a mixture of dimmed and non-dimmed channels in use.


Can anyone confirm that this can be set at the dimmer (per module), and if possible can you provide an insight into the procedure?

I'm hoping it will be as simple as a clearly labeled button but guess it is probably buried in a menu of some kind.



Any help is sincerely appreciated. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif

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All of our ThruPower Modules have local override switches on the front of them, once pressed, it removes control of the module from DMX and turns the power on. Simple as one switch rather than playing around in the menus!



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Each circuit has a switch on the front with two positions:

"DIM" - which means DMX/sACN Dimmer or Relay (depending on whether the circuit is electronically configured as Dim or Switch mode).

"ON" - manual bypass, relay forced on regardless of configuration.


There's a small picture on this page, larger diagram on the ThruPower datasheet.



If you want DMX control of the relay, then they could set it up from their Ion beforehand.


Another (possibly simplest) way is to use the CEM3's built-in webserver from any web browser.

This lets you change the dimmer curve and dim/switch mode from most browsers - and doesn't expose any of the more 'scary' settings like repatching!

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Thanks to you both, I was hoping for something as simple as a big button on the module and it sounds like that is basically the case.


(I don't think the venue tech has even been told about cem3 let alone given the software or access info.)


A button on each module is perfect for my preferences so that will work nicely.


Cheers. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

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