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Doesn't anyone sell PAR 64's anymore?

Louis sullivan NLS

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Hi all,


while its quiet we have decided to replace our chrome PAR 64 cans,


and it seems no one in Europe sells them anymore.... apart from cheap far east imported bits of tin foil..


They need to be good quality and was inclined to buy DTS/ Encore or Thomas.


any recommendations on where to buy?






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Thanks for reply,

I saw them on eBay, I had some cans like them before, and seem to remember they were not the best quality, and with the hinged back changing lamps was a nightmare..

Might have to resort to them if I can't find any brand new



I don't know what you're talking about...:rolleyes:


But seriously, the hinged back certainly doesn't make changing lamps a nightmare...the trick with any sort of PAR with the twisty bit on the back is to pop the new lamp in, then line the lamp base up vertically. Match the twisty knob on the back to the same vertical orientation, and everything clicks back together with ease.


To be fair to the OP, the ones I'm selling are admittedly a reasonably cheap model (although I do think you'd be hard pressed to buy them new at the price I'm trying to offload them!), but I do know where he is coming from- I did actually have the conversation with my colleagues in work the other day that went something along the lines of...'so now Thomas don't make PARs, what model should we go with?'

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