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Problem importing Avo Titan showfile


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This is odd. Been running the show on my laptop and Titan Mobile. I just brought in our backup laptop, which has been used before with the TM so they do work okay together. I have saved the shownonto a USB stick and tried loading it to the backup PC. When I run it its all there apart from the main cue list and all the groups. On main machine I have Cuelist 1 loaded onto playback 10. I run the shownonto backup and on playback 10 is cuelist 10, which does not actually exist.

All this is a worry because now not only do we not have a backup machine, I don't even know if we have a working backup file. I have tried saving onto a new USB 3 as well as an older USB2 stick.

Anyone else experienced such weirdness?

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Unfortunately you're not the first to have an issue like this.


MIDI mapping also gets lost when transferring from one PC to another.


Avo claims it works at their end.

It's almost like having a user profile missing in an Ma from the showfile.


Best bet is to call avo. But I think I know their response.

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There are a few things that are currently stored locally rather than within the showfile. Triggers (inc. MIDI) may well be one of those things but cuelists certainly not.


You mention import and backup which are specific functions but I think here you are simply saving from one, loading into another? Import provides a way to merge information from one show into another. Backup is an option when networking and automatically synchronises the show between connected consoles.


Other than actually recognising the media the storage type is not important. When transferring a Titan showfile between consoles the only things that should be relevant are Titan version and console type. Regarding console type this should only affect handle mapping where they are physically different.


My gut feeling is this is something to do with automatic legending and/or moving between versions. If you don't provide a legend for the playback the software will automatically assign one. In earlier versions this was related to the handle (ie. cuelist on playback 10 would have had '10' in the legend). More recently the automatic legend has changed so that it is more relevant to the content rather than the location - for example the first cuelist would be 'Cue List 1'. I might be way off on this though!


If possible can you confirm the following:


- Did you legend the cuelist playback?

- Source Titan version

- Destination Titan version

- Destination console type (I'm assuming Titan Mobile?)


If you want to send me the original showfile I will be happy to take a look. nick <dot> morris <at> avolites <dot> com

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