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Jands S3 Custom Flightcase


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Hi All,


I seem to having a massive pain trying to purchase a Flightcase for my new Jands S3 Console,


I am after a case that can fit my mac mini underneath, a pull out keyboard system, and a rack panel that I can place DMX outputs, Powercon In, Network swtich, etc.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a custom one made quickly? Ive tried the well-known companies in UK but they either haven't got back to me or have a long lead time. Ideally I need one before the first week in January, As I don't think taking it on tour without a case would be a good idea!

My contact number is - 07940210008

Thank You!


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Athletic cases in Poland.


I had some custom cases designed, built and shipped in 10 days. 8-9/10 in quality, some minor niggles on weird things but that is my fault with what I needed. You need to be very exact. (though I asked for a case to fit MH6 and it fits like a GLOVE. )

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