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High Temp Glue


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We have a projector that has a dark band on one edge on return to the work shop we found it had moved to a different edge so we presumed that there was something loose inside.


Having stripped the unit down we have discovered the lens directly after the lamp is no longer attached to its frame and thus is able to move with in the small space that it resides. I have looked at the thread "Glue to use in moving heads" from the beginning of this year and the suggestion there was http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OVEN-GLASS-DOOR-GLUE-High-Temperature-Heat-Resistant-Silicone-ADHESIVE-/121428386473 which is rated to 260 degC is this going to be suitable in this case or is there something more specialist we should use. I have found http://www.screwfix.com/p/geocel-trade-mate-plumba-flue-silicone-black-310ml/66373 for flues which is rated to 250 and 300 peak so not much better than the oven glass door glue above if at all or there is also http://www.screwfix.com/p/mapei-mapeflex-firestop-1200-c-high-temperature-sealant-grey-300ml/25153 which is rated to 1200 but the reviews appear to indicate that is goes hard and crack so I guess will loose it adhesive properties.


Any thoughts as we have several of this model and I guess the rest will go with time.









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I've used this black silicone for bodge repairs on this kind of thing;



Including repairing a mirror tube in some projectors (it was a weird 4-sided mirror tube where the top of the 4 mirrors used to collapse in), but it would depend on service temperature etc, as these were only low power models.

Have used it on custom assemblies involving floods as well though and never had any problems.


However I don't know about lens coatings etc, I'm just linking another product that may prove to be suitable.

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