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Training for lighting tech

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The short and sweet of this is that I would like to begin working toward becoming a lighting tech. I'm 25 years old so slightly past the time companies like to offer apprenticeships and I want to stay in events so not particularly interested in doing a general sparky apprenticeship. I have found a university to degree that would possible suit the role but working with lighting techs it doesn't seem necessary that I would need a degree to become a lighting tech. I was hoping some technicians on here might be able to give me some direction of possible courses or any tips or ideas for building a career as a lighting tech would be really useful. Also likewise if there are any lighting techs in the Manchester area that would be happy to have someone shadowing and learning from them I would be willing to discuss this. I have worked as an operations manager for a event décor business and have done plenty of crew work so have a lot of experience with rigging and lighting installation but I need to develop my calcs and operations. I also hold ipaf (1b, 3a, 3b) with my own PLI. hope you can help!

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