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Red Flame


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one of my lecturers wants a 2 minute red flame in a frying pan.

pan held by 1 actor and walks over the stage so cant be a static idea.


20ft from audience.

any ideas on doing this safely?


had looked at lithium chloride or strontium salts in methanol on a wick

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Safely - yes forget any kind of actual flame. Quite aside from the handling and operational risks from burning chemicals the sheer amount of heat that will build up from a 2min burn (and the amount of fuel it will require) means this is a prop that will require very hands-on set-up beforehand, very specific hands-on control afterwards and a shedload of kit to give you a reasonable chance of even vaguely preventing the likely risks and complications this will create.


Do something arty with red LED's in the pan, at a push use a silk flame, add a bit of acting and you'll have something that's practical, effective and with a whole load less planning, paperwork and staffing than is required for a 2 min real red flame burn.

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