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Neutrik cat6a ethercon coupler-?


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Looking at making a bunch of cables out of some Belden 1303a CAT6A double jacketed cable. Some will get Ethercons and other will just have regular RJ45s.


(Main use being networking and some DVI extenders)


I can get fairly cheap CAT6A keystone inserts that are shielded but they are super small, hard to label, easy to lose, and easy to damage.


I'd prefer to use the Ethercon as a female to female coupler- regardless of if its a normal connector going in or not- but there are a couple issues I foresee


- I know the CAT6A ethercon is fairly new- are there even couplers yet?


- I'm sure someone on here mentioned that the CAT5 Ethercon couplers aren't very good as they don't maintain the twisted pairs inside.


Do I just need to find some extrusion and make my own with the back to back CAT6A Ethercons and a wee patch lead crimped inside?




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If it's a D-mount you don't need to find the extrusion - that black bit in all the speaking couplers etc is a standard part - under accessories on the Neutrik site. CLD is our preferred supplier of odd Neutrik bits but you can likely get them anywhere.
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