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Mac Auras required


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Our local hire outfit (CSR) has all of his Mac Auras out for the week in question, as are those of the next local choice (Showtech) unfortunately.

Just tried mr Knight (fellow BR-er) of CTS in Brum and sadly he doesn't keep them in hire stock.


So the question is does anyone know of another outfit local to me (Coventry/Brum area preferred) who might have 3 x Mac Aura for a week 6th to 14th Nov?

Will be Googling, but looking for hire options doesn't always pay off that route :(


(I know Impact do them, as we've used them before, but MK is a bit of a ways to go for 3 units)

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Sorry Ynot! My awesome reading skills at work again. I'd say it's unlikely we'll have them available that week, I can think of three jobs that might have them booked, but I'll keep an eye on this thread and let you know on Monday when I can access our Rental-mess system.
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