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Post ABTT Bronze training

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We are a professional theatre like The Marlowe, so our apprentice is getting regular on-the-job training every day. Get-ins and fit-ups are very well covered, thank you! Just the other day he learned that if you can't reach the house tab button because the incoming company have put their on-stage sound rack in the way, then the correct course of action is to use a broom handle to press the "open house tabs" button (they didn't cover that on the ABTT Bronze training)!


I think it's very important for him to learn more skills in some kind of formal learning environment, hence my question.


Have you looked into the Backstage Centre in Purfleet? They offer pretty much exactly what you are after; practical training in a professional environment (that isn't a functioning theatre)

It's essentially a massive space that touring bands etc. will use to demo their rigs for taking them on tour.


It might be the sort of thing you are after http://thebackstagecentre.com/training

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