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I just got a nice long email from LMC listing their latest 2nd hand stuff,


Give sales department a call if you want to get on their mailing list or want a copy.


Tel: +44 (0)20 8743 4680




LMC Audio's Online List




Other than that


Point Source




are two more for the list.


What are you after, One of us might have something useful?

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What are you after, One of us might have something useful?


just mulling over upgrading my personal lighting desk.


I've just sold my spare (manual/analogue) desk, leaving me with the (don't laugh) Colortran Prestige 120 and the Elara (original style).


Most of my work is 'live' as opposed to theatre style operation so something with sub-masters and chasers is needed.


The Elara is OK but lacks a bit in the number of 'memories' and chases eat into those that you have.


I'm kinda tempted by a new Strand 200, maybe a 24/48 which AC have listed at £650 exc VAT. But I'd also consider S/H. I use a Frog in one of my regular venues and like them but new they are just too much cash.


Maybe a Sirius? Or even an XLS. I only need 24 dimmer channels but some more 'spare' wouldn't go amiss.


AC have got a Jands ESP 36-chan for only £350 incl flight case but I reckon it's a bit short on facilities.


If anyone knows anyone disposing then I'd appreciate it.

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