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Quick Question About Insert Cables


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Dear All,


Does it matter whether its an XLR or Jack Insert cable (IE Stereo Jack to mono jacks (Send/Return) OR Stereo Jack to F-XLR/M-XLR (Send/Return).


In the past I have used jack and found that from time to time I had to swap the send/return around due to miss wiring inside the cable.


I fear it will not be that easy if using XLR.





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If the desk insert is via an insert jack then even if you do use XLR connectors on the outboard end it will still be unbalanced. The best bet is probably just to see what connectors your outboard has and go with that!

In my experience the need to swap the cables around is due to some desks having the insert jacks wired backwards - this is the case on a Soundcraft K1 that I use sometimes.


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It depends on the desk. Sometimes the same manufacturer wires their inserts differently. Check the manual for the desk. As has been mentioned you can turn round an XLR to jack TRS insert with a pair of XLR sex converters.
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