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EQ'S & Dynamics


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Hi All,


Me and my band want to play around with EQ's and compression, limiters to give us all more experience. We wanted to purchase two rack boxes to use to gain this practial experience.


We don't want to spend much money incase we don't use them that often but at same time, if we do get on with the units and they do work... we obviously want them to last.


Behringer FBQ1502 Ultragraph Graphic EQ 15 Band Behringer MDX2600 expander / gate /limiter / compressor

DBX 166xs Compressor Limiter Gate

DBX 215s Dual Channel 15 Band EQ

DBX is the more expensive option but not by much. Does anyone have experience with these units are they noise prone, or have any electrical buzzing?


Is Behringer a good buy?


Kind Regards,


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Hi, James,


Could I ask what you will be using these rack units with? Although these units are still available, there are a lot of people selling off their outboard EQs and dynamic devices as they move to digital desks which have such facilities built in.


If you want to use the EQ to help minimise feedback, l'd suggest a 31 band eq may be better to practice with. You may also be able to pick up a better quality second hand unit for about the price of a new 15 band (which isn't quite narrow enough for feedback rejection in my opinion).

Similarly, there are cheap but good second user dynamics boxes around...


A different approach that might also be worth considering is the lower cost digital mixers and remote controllable stageboxes (e.g. Soundcraft Ui series, Behringer Air etc.). These have parametric eq, graphic eq, dynamics and FX units all built in and could (depending upon your channel count) replace your existing desk?

Such devices have more features and represent where the market is going, rather than buying older outboard gear,



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Hi Simon,


I understand what your saying... Sadly as a band we can't afford a new desk we have an A&H ZED 22FX, RCF 712a with alto monitors, just spent some money buying a new bass amp and another stage monitor for keys.


We, well I wanted to gain more experience with compression, gates and the EQ I will definitely get a 31 band. Thanks


Would you recommend Behringer or another brand when looking on EBay or other sites? What brands should we look for? If we brought new is Behringer okay?




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Hi James,

From what is available on Ebay UK today I would look at BSS 966 £195 as first choice, the ARX EQ60 as second choice at £60. The BSS is very good. The ARX is better than Behringer [ I have used all three of the graphics]. I would avoid used Yamaha graphics, the design is quite old and many of them are up to 30 years old. If you want Behringer you might as well buy new as they go for 75% of the new price on Ebay.

My choice would be the BSS if you can afford it.



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