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Matching Speakers to P7000s


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Hi all,


I'm wanting to match up my P7000s with a sub and top combo..

So either 2 active subs and a pair of passive tops, or passive subs with active tops. Or both passive -> the ideal option!


I'm wondering what speakers you guys use. Preferably with this amp, or same rating at the least.

I'm thinking E series subs with C690 tops.



950w/4ohms per channel

700w/8ohms per channel

1600w/2ohms per channel

Or 1900w/8ohms bridged


It is for a church that meets in a medium sized theatre with around 50 punters (for want of a better word) per week.

Ablility to be portable by van necessary.

Would also be ideal if the tops could stack on the subs using poles.


Thank you in advanced!

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To be honest. I would select the speakers that give the coverage and sound pressure that's needed then match an amp to the speakers?


In the example you give, the E series subs and the C690 tops are all designed to be run from d&b amplifiers. Although the Yamaha amp has a very basic crossover built in, that's not good enough to run and protect the 690s...?

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