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Qsc k8/dxr8


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Hello blueroom

After the sad (but temporary) demise of one of my maxx4a's at the weekend I've been considering a new purchase. At the the moment it's a toss up between the k8 and the dxr8

Use would be for vocalists with backing tracks, wedding parties, corporate stuff etc.

Now I've used the k8 before and have recommended them to several of the artists I work with, but have never heard a dxr8. Before I buy I will be 'demoing', but I'm interested in opinions from those of you whom have used both as to your preference and why ?

Also if any one has any other suggestions of circa £500 cabs then feel free to chime in.

Many thanks in advance

And yes I know the dxr8 is a Yamaha box but wasn't entirely paying attention when I posted the topic tittle

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