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Zero 88 orb help


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At my college we have a zero 88 orb lighting desk, iMac with full newest Qlab running on it. I would like to use Qlab to trigger the Go on the lighting desk for a chosen cue stack. I have manager to connect it up correctly and when I put a timecode into lab and then I run that and go to test mode on the lighting desk, The orb desk is seeing the timecode and the midi timecode is running in sync and to time. If I stop Qlab timecode the Orb desk midi timecode also stops. However, this is where I seem to be getting issues, when put a MSC into qlab and (it defaults to output through USB-Midi which is correct, also once I've set the device Id's to match) and I run the cue the lighting desk doesn't seem to go with any cue what so ever. I orb desk has also been returned to normal operating mode before running any cues form lab etc.


Is there something that needs to be set on the mac like in System preferences or Audio Midi Setup for example.


Any help would be appreciated.




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That will almost certainly be your problem - we have a range of MIDI interfaces here, and all the ones that look similar to your link don't work for MIDI Show Control (MSC), but usually work fine for MIDI Notes and MIDI Time Code (MTC).
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