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Congo jr save moving light intensity to sub


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Are you trying to control the intensities of 5 devices with a single master? Having not used a congo I'm guessing here, but on other desks you can just extend the selective command to include the other channels so if it was 1,2,5,8,and 10 you'd enter 1+2+5+8+10 CH Select
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Hi alister


For example I want to have control of my mac 250's on channel 55, 57, 59 but only the intensity value onto one master


I don't want the recording to have any impact on the movement of the device which is where it seems to get more tricky.


The Congo seems to be very different to other desks



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For more than one unit I would make a group as Andrew suggested

Eg 1+2+3+4 wheel to full

hold [record] and hit [Group]

Note the number of the group

type group number hold [Group] key press select button on the master

also now means that you can use this to select all your movers

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