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Strand 6 pack will not respond to DMX


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We have two Strand 6 Pack dimmers programmed 1-6 and 7-12. The second pack (7-12) will not respond to the input from the desk. What I have checked so far:

  • Channels 7-12 do not respond when checked with two different lighting desks
  • All of the fuses are set to on
  • The lamps work when the individual test buttons are pressed on the pack
  • The pack is programmed to start from DMX channel 7
  • DMX light is lit on both packs. I have swapped the DMX input and output cable over on the packs.
  • The output of the second pack daisy chains to a series of LED pars. The LED pars still work whichever way we patch the 6 Packs.
  • When I disconnect the patch to the LED pars it has no effect on channels 7-12 which still don't work.

This one has stumped me - can anyone help.

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Have you tried manually setting the levels from the menu?


Set Dimmer Level

When a control console is not available, the dimmer levels on 3 Pack/6 Pack dimmer systems can be individually set to a desired level using the

front panel keys. After the selection of +/- key to the Set Level display, press OK to enter into the Set Level.


Set all Dimmer Levels

Use “+” or “-“ to change the display to ALL, OK to confirm setting all dimmer levels. Default is all at Input, press +/- to select dimmer levels follow by OK.


Has somebody managed to set all the channels to 0% rather than "input" which the way I interpret the manual would mean they don't respond to DMX.


I'm not familiar with the 6 pack and I can't find a photo of the inside of one, but a loose internal connector might be another possibility.


The specification for the control electronics is to provide 6 outputs to the triacs which are mounted on a separate heatsink. They could all be on one connector?

Also the phase sense inputs are often separate from the control power and it won't function without those.


That's just speculation though without knowing exactly how it's built, but if it doesn't respond to manually setting the levels through the menu that's what I'd be looking for next.


Edit to add: Just re-read the original post and if the test buttons work it's unlikely to be a hardware problem.....

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If it doesn't do anything when you set 1>512 @ FULL (as Alister suggests) then is there a possibility that the DMX + and - pins have been swapped over internally? Many DMX devices will turn on their DMX Present indicator if there is ANY activity on the input, regardless of whether it is valid data.



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Went though all of the suggestions checking all of the settings and managed to get the pack to respond again.


Looks like someone changed the preset settings and the pack responded when it was returned to "Input".


Thanks for the help everyone.

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