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DMX USB Pro (Win7 64)


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Hi All


Quick question I have a Enttec USB Pro (MKI), I've install it on a Win7 64bit system, there is a DMX input but there is a lag and input values are jumping.


I’m running a Titan Mobile, line 3 to Enttec Pro > Enttec Pro connected to Win7 64Bit system via USB > Win7 running Resolume


I have run the Enttec utility and the you can see the input jumping around. http://www.nrwp.co.uk/enttec-win64.mp4


I tried the Pro USB on a WIN7 32bit (the same system running the Titan Mobile) and the input was stable so can only think it’s a Win7 64bit problem.


Any suggestions on how to get this to work?





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