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Manfrotto 087NW vs Doughty T55511 (Easy Lift)


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Hi all,


We're looking at buying some wind-up stands. I've used the Manfrotto 087NW's before and know they're pretty much industry standard. I've come across the Doughty version, the Easy Lift, and from what I can see there is little to no difference, other than the Easy Lift being about £80 cheaper. Does anyone have experience of the Easy Lift and can compare it to the Manfrotto?


Many thanks!

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We've had both.


Very similar units but the handles on the manfrotto products are better. We have had the doughty units break a few times and also the locking nut seems a lot more prone to becoming either stiff or cross thread.


Now we know the issue we safeguard them a little bit buying now we go for the manfrotto.


I hope that helps.


(I should point out its been a while since we ordered the doughty units and they may have been improved since)

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We (Enlightened) buy the Doughty Easy Lift's. Partly as they are also available in black at no / minimal extra cost.


As Doughty Service Agents, we also have good access to spares which does make the repair and service process far easier. We struggled for many years trying to get parts for the Manfrotto's and felt that we were being fleeced every time.


In reality, both are very similar stands. I would suggest going for which ever you can get the best support for.



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