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decisions decisions


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ok people heres wot I have and I am inviting anyone to come with ideas


my equipment all old but solid


Yamaha EMX5000 Powered mixer

Seperate 300 watt power amp with 2 x chanells

2 stereo or 3 mono channel crossover

2 x prosys 15 speakers which can be biamped through internal passive crossover they include a 15" an 8" and horn they can also be daisy chained

2 x unmarked cabs consisting a 10" and horn

1 pair Kenwood LS-SE9 2 WAY

I will post photos if anyone decides to help

my use is for my own pleasure practicing and recording guitar, keyboard vocals and listening to music from the internet while working all are connected to pc via MAudio usb interace coupled to MAudio Omnibox using Studio one 2

I really need the help as I can no longer string 2 thoughts together things that oce were second nature now only frustrate me

heres hoping

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if the question is "what to do with it" , Take it to cash converters and be happy with 50 quid they give you ???


** laughs out loud **


only kidding....



What's your question Fella ?



but see what I mean my mind is slipping into oblivion I never even asked the question ell here goes

I want to be able to optinise the sound so im thinking of dedicating the 15"ersto te bass through its own passive xover but I ant work out how t split the rest up through the active xover the other obvious starting point isto leave the peaveys singularly amped and perhaps use the 10s for bass so apart from the cash converters quip grrr (ill have you know old as it is all this gear was quality stuff in its day)

what would you do to get the best out of it


so altogetheri got







2 small tweeters

2 amps 2 mixers

2 passive and 1 active xovers

and lots of cabling

oh and a partridge in a pear tree

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In all probability you'll get the best results with a single pair of speakers doing a single job. If you need loud the Peavey ProSys, bi-amped, would probably be best, for more HiFi listening to music/studio monitoring the Kenwoods will most likely sound best. Mixing them up will almost certainly sound bad.
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Being honest, you haven't got a system, you have a mishmash of bits and pieces. The smaller boxs might be good in say a theatre for fills, pit sounds monitors, or throwing sound to poorly covered places, but the meat of the system appears to be the 15s and 12s.


The peaveys aren't known for being particularly good quality in terms of balanced sound, the fifteens being a bit lumpy down the bottom and a kind of hole in the middle. If you bi amp them, you will have control of the balance but it's a bit pointless. They just don't have much right at the bottom. The 12" cabs are a bit more balanced to my ears. What you are lacking are subs, if you need more bottom end. To be honest, the cost of biamping them won't be recovered. You only have one amp, and the powered mixer, so having all those speakers means spending money, and if you are going to do that, I wouldn't put it into making a pile of mismatched boxes work, because they will just fight with each other and be a nightmare to setup for a normal PA.

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