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Advice on moving heads


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In the market for some moving head spots. Total budget £1700 ish.


Trying to decide if it better to get 4 of the Stairville MH-x60s or 2 of the Stairville MH-x200.


I have a number of led wash lights and bars, and some cheep moving head wash LEDs. The set up is controlled using QLC+ on a Linux based touch screen PC.


I use the lights in a number of situations, so I am after flexible.


I like the idea of the brightness of the MH-x200 and the iris, but the idea of having more units of the MH-x60 seems to add to the flexibility.


Any ideas or suggestions, thanks.

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I'm a dealer for Prolight, who distribute iSolution, but nonetheless I have been very impressed with the iMove 350SR.


What size of venues are you likely to be using the lights in? And do you have any transport issues to consider?


Thanks for that, but as far as I can see the iMove 350SR is equivalent to the MH-x60 for the price of the MH-x200. Also I can't find any warranty information.


The venues are likely to be 10m x 20m hall, 10m x 25m Church (lights mounted 6m up), possible small out door events. Transport is usually in a large estate car.


The main question I have is two large heads or four small ones.

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There are very similar ones to the MH-X60's now being produced in China with 90W engines, which seem to me to be very nice - comparing the Stairville with these, the spec and even mouldings look very similar. The only trouble I've had with these kinds of mover is that they are quite noisy, as the fans are shifting a lot of heat.
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Its doubtful, but see if you can get some proper lux output figures.

With the LED stuff, a whole lot is down to the optics rather than just the light engine.

A few years back Showtec went from the Indigo 4500 with 60W engine (that blew up a lot) to the 4600 with 30W engine and increased the light output by 20% (they claimed)


Sadly not available anymore (I own 6) but last year Musicstore were clearing the 4600 out for ~£350 a unit which is great value for an MSD250/2 class spot with 2 gobo wheels, prism, motorised focus. the fixed and rotating gobo wheels will come into their own if you want to do any breakups on the walls, floor, etc


Its the same fixture as the Chauvet QSpot 360 LED, but sold much cheaper.



This place appear to have some b stock with torn boxes and might take a good offer on 4


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Good morning... Just to get it out of the way I work for AC-ET (in the Leeds Office...)


Having a look at you requirements we have an ideal product available:




100w LED chip with very good optics, a 2 year warranty, which is UK based no shipping overseas if you were to have any issues. The products are backed and supported by us and really are very good!


Get in touch if you need any further info or pricing...






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Out of interest Ben, how many of those (to the nearest whole number) is he likely to get for his £1700 (inc vat)?


Sorry for the delay... New on here and I thought I would get a notification if there was another post!


List price on those is £839.50 plus VAT. We can do some very good deal on them and we could definitely do 2 well within that budget...

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