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Which LED lights please.............


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Spent a couple of days trying to wade through the minefield of LED lighting options and now really need some help. Basically, I need a couple of LED lights that have the capacity to light a performer on stage (white preferably) and maybe 3/4 LED lights that will create different colour washes in the performance space. The space is only about 10m (d) by 20m (l) and the lights will be suspended from two T-Bars stands at either side of the performance space. There are sooooo many brands/options, can anyone advise on a decent brand or perhaps lights they already use which are good quality.


many thanks



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20m x 10m is too big to light the space properly from T-bars - the depth is fine, but the problem will be beam width, as many are just not bright enough if they are wide. For 20m width you really need lights spaced along that width. Doing it from the edges mean serious brightness problems in the middle compared to the edge.

The 4 colour units are pretty bright now - but T bars mean sharp angles, and little height.


I would suggest mounting position will be more critical to success than the actual fixture type and brand. Tungsten would suffer the same issues.

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First things first - I do work for a company in this space so im going to have to put that out there straight away.


We are not a shop, our goal is to help people find the right light/educate users and ultimately accelerate the uptake of what we think should be a no-brainer technology. We actually have built the first LED light comparison service in the world. Im deliberately NOT posting the link here as I have not logged onto the forum just to post links and spam real peoples questions. It is very early days for our service so really at this point we are looking to engage with as many people with problems related to LED lighting as possible in order to generate good content.


If you can tell me a little more about the fitting I would be happy to look into it for you?





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I think maybe Rory has not realised quite what we do on this forum, and the kinds of 'LED light' we are talking about, based on the website he has in his profile.

web site here


Hey - hmm I can remove the website from my profile link if it helps :) Thats actually just the first iteration of our product and we have some exciting ideas moving forward. We are industry outsiders just picking up some domain knowledge but have excellent links via our investors to the LED market. Obviously we cant help with lighting design but we can help with procuring and comparisons on both features and pricing....


Like I said im not fishing for a link here, we genuinely are interested in getting feedback from users and potential users. Can you tell me a little more about the LED light you are talking about?!





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You can improve the angles slightly by having your T bar angled at 45 degrees to the stage corner, so the fixtures closest to the stage centre are slightly front of house and the outside fixtures are over the stage. This will give you a little bit of face light on the downstage centre. If your band members are behind monitor wedges, that helps the angles better. A heavy stand helps for stability or some stage weight bags on the stand base.


In this Acoustic On The Rocks Quarry example you can see that my wash lights are on 2m bars on top of 3m trusses, so the inner wash lights are out into the house so they have a better angle for the centre stage vocals and can also pan around and follow the vocalists, who sometimes move into the audience. I also get tight angles on the stage so can separate the band for better individual lighting for solos etc.

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