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Showtec LED Orbit Sensors


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Hi guys, I've got 4 of these installed in a club, and I'm busy doing the maintenance on them, I'm having issues with one of them with the sensors on the main rotating arm.


The sensor has a number of 30 605 on them but not sure where I can get them.

Any ideas?


PS I'd post up pictures but not sure where to put them ;-)




I just noted the topic title. It should read SHOWTEC and not shouted, damn autocorrect. Moderation: fixed

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I don't know this particular fixture but the hall effect sensors usually look like a small e-line transistor and have three wires eg. http://uk.farnell.com/honeywell-s-c/ss441a/sensor-hall-effect-70g-unipolar/dp/3111477


Optical sensors in this sort of application are usually a small square U shape plastic part with 4 wires eg. http://uk.farnell.com/omron-electronic-components/eesx1081/opto-switch-transmissive/dp/1348948


These are just examples of the appearance - they come in many varieties. First step is to determine what you've got. If you can take a photo you should then put it on the web somewhere public then post a link to the pic



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Dave, they are like the first example with the three wires.

The only numbers on the front face is 30 then 605 underneath.


I'd post pictures but don't know where to start putting them, unless its on FB ;-)


I've posted up to this, hope you can see them.





The second image is where the PCB mounts on with the sensors facing down, one of the sensors was 'clicking' on the gear wheel, which is the one thats broke.


I had to put some new heat shrink on the 'forks stops' as the old was dropping to bits.

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The hall effect sensor has to be orientated so that the small side of the sensor (it is usually in a plastic transistor style package such as a TO92) faces the magnet. This Honneywell Hall Effect Sensing and Application gives an explanation of how hall effect sensors work. On page 12 is a description of orientation of the sensor to the magnetic field.


You need to have the small face of the hall effect sensor facing the magnet. It could be mounted vertical or sideways, it depends on the hardware designer on where they can put the magnet and sensor. If you have a working mover and carefully move the hall effect sensor away from where it is positioned, you will find it can stop working after being moved a few millimetres.


Use your working mover as a guide to positioning the hall effect sensor correctly. Take photos and make up a service manual for future reference.


You can add hall effect sensor to your search criteria. I could not find it easily. Try contacting Showtec for a full part number.

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Hi Don.


Thanks for that kind of information, I will take down one of the other lights and have a look at that for further reference.


I have contacted Showtec, and one of the guys there is been very helpful, but he's said he's spoke to the manufacturers of the products and no surprise that the fixture is now out of production.

I asked if they could ask them if they knew which sensors are fitted, but he said they might not give that information out. Fingers crossed that they do.

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I would try fitting an Allegro A1121 which is a fairly bog standard hall effect sensor.




About £1.20 but there is a £20 minimum order if you pay by credit card.

If you search ebay for "hall effect sensor allegro" there are some possibilities there. Worth trying for a couple of quid, it won't damage anything if it doesn't work. In the unlikely event the connections are different it might damage itself (though every hall effect device I've ever seen in that package has the same connections)


edit: you don't want a "linear" sensor, you want a "switch" type.

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DVJ_Deano,there’s a number of Hall Effect sensors in the market, you can simply order anew one with similar mechanical specifications. It is also important to notehere that in case of a Hall Effect sensor, the distance of the sensor from therotating gear, gear thickness and distance between two adjacent gears is veryimportant. When you’re ordering a new one, just make sure that it fulfills yourcriteria.
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