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Behringer P16 Hire


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Anyone know where I can hire a couple of Behringer P16s?


Not actually needed until September but I need a quote asap.


London area




second time I have seen such an enquiry in the last week or so but I'm not aware of anywhere that stock p16s - I seem to remember a one man band in the midlands volunteered his units for hire when the question was asked on facedbook. you take your life in your hands but you may like to try the x32 forum on facebook or the more thoughtful x32 pro forum on facebook - both have quite a uk presence.


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MarkBarl asked a question about resetting P16s to factory the other week and when I questioned him as to why he wanted to reset them, he said it was 'cos they were for hire stock. I've tried to contact him by pm but he's not replied.


Thanks for the suggestions :)

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