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A program of courses in scenic painting

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Scenic Painting Courses


I've been running a two week course in scenic painting from my studio space since 2009. The courses have proved a successful way for arts graduates and others interested in scenic painting, to develop their skills and explore the possibility of painting scenery for a living. A number have gone onto further training, while others have gone on to seek work in the industry.


I've just published details of the courses that will be available for 2015.

These weekend courses started in Autumn 2014 and will continue throughout next year. Each weekend focuses on a specific area of scenic painting. Students taking part in these courses can improve skills without causing much disruption to their working lives.

There will be two cloth painting workshops next year one focusing on painting on a paintframe and the other on floor painting. These courses will serve as portfolio building weeks and allow students to refresh or learn new skills.

In august I'll be running a four week course which replaces the two week course run in previous years. This four week course will give students the chance to learn the basics of scenery painting and to put together a portfolio of finishes and backdrops. The summer school is the equivelent of taking both cloth painting workshops, as well as all five of the weekend courses, in one intensive period of study.



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