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backstage roles spider diagram

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Just wondering if anyone has a spider diagram showing how the backstage roles are interconnected? I was thinking of making one with different colours to indicate the close working relationships (like Lx designer and LX tech etc.).


Any help would (as always) be greatly appreciated.



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I'm rather confused why a lecturer would be asking this question - usually it's the kind of thing you set the students! I've never had much luck sourcing them from books because the role titles change regularly, as do the links, and the ones on-line tend to be very generic, and now pretty genre specific.


Spider diagrams also are tricky to do because the scope and heir achy of different events and venues mess them up. So the only ones you will find are so generic as to be useless, but you knew that didn't you?


Is there something specific you're having issues with? Most people do these as a student project because the accuracy of them shows how well they understand specifics rather than anything generic?


Also you need to think about some relationships. LX technician and LX Designer - sometimes not remotely close at all. I can think of plenty of examples when the LD probably didn't even know the name of the LX crew - apart from perhaps the odd one.

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