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Using Macbook and sound card as an effects unit?


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Hello All,


A strange query I was wondering today.


I had a gig at the weekend where the company I was working for didn't have an effects unit and there were some ska and reggae bands that I was mixing and really would wanted some effects for! I have Macbook and a Focusrite 2i2 sound card so wondered if there was any software out there that I could use to turn my macbook into an effects unit? I've have Logic X but can't see any way of utilising that for live effects.


Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Tom.

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You can do it with Logic! Why are you telling him to buy more stuff, Logic is fine! Way better than Reaper in any case.


Main Stage is kind of good because it's got a better GUI for live use. But the back bone of Mainstage basically comes out of Logic.


So in Logic go in your preferences, set up your IO buffer to give no latency (it will reduce your processing power as it uses a lot, but latency free is the only way). Set up your inputs on the channel strips in Logic to your sound card inputs, and your outputs on the channel strips to outputs. (Probably best to use Mono channel strips to get the most I/O). Then just record enable the channel strip, and it will pass audio from the input to the output, via any inserts you use in the channel strip.


Simples. No need to buy anything else. But if you want to do this a lot I too recommend you get Mainstage because you can customise the GUI to the things which you need. You can also set up a remote desktop to an iPad, touch screen with MainStage works really nicely and means you don't have to stand by the computer.

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