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voxal voice changing software


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Latency of 5ms is darn good for a signal making a round trip through an A to D, computer, then D to A again. It's also slight enough that I'd be surprised if it's causing an audible problem. For example, typically a Yamaha digital mixer is 2.5 ms...your 5 ms is the equivlent to moving about five feet from the sound source. Usually you have to get well into double digits before trouble starts.


However, I wonder if you've actually measured the delay or that's just the Voxal spec? If the latter, then the rest of your computer system is probably adding on significantly more than that.


If so, you can reduce latency by using a proper external audio interface with ASIO drivers. ASIO bypassed most of the operating system and allows much lower latency.


However, lower isn't zero and the advice to try a hardware unit is good--though even this will have a few ms latency.

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