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Output for 2 multiple projections simultaneously


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I have recently started a tech theatre course, and I have a little experience. I have been asked to do the AV for The curious incident of the dog in the night garden. I'd like to do a projection on the floor and a separate one as a backdrop. I have a good software (Adobe After Effects) for editing and creation, but nothing to control my output. I need a cheap / Free fairly easy to use software for MAC. It doesn't have to be able to control 2 at the same time but that would be good. Software that allows me to upload files to be used for projection and transform that to cues. I have considered powerpoint but 2 computer would be required I think. Would Resolume Avenue work?


Also looking at my mac, I have A firewire and thunderbolt port. would it be a good idea to get a firewire to VGA?


Any Ideas? Thanks, Charlie

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Look at QLab: Figure53


Multi screen output isn't free but it's cheap to hire, especially if you email them and get educational pricing, and this is pretty standard stuff for QLab - it's about as close as it gets to industry standard for small to medium scale video in theatre before you start leaping to dediated playout systems.


Firewire to VGA doesn't exist as far as I know. You can cerainly use the Thunderbolt port along with a VGA adaptor for it: if you want multiple displays off a MacBook you should look at getting hold of a DualHead of some sort: Matrox which allows you to fool the computer into thinking it's got a much wider display connected, and then split it into two physical displays/projectors. On QLab you can then program the video cues to display on each screen.

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Take a look at Arkaos. It runs on mac and is only limited to the hardware you install it on. The software only license is fairly affordable.


It also allows triggering via DMX if you want to fire your cues off a lighting console.


You can download it and try it for free, although your output will flash 'demo' fairly regularly until licensed, so would not be useable in a live show environment;



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