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Martin magnum pro 2000 via DMX


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There's a DMX remote unit available which drops in place of the existing remote. They're about £90. Don't be confused that there's a 3 pin XLR in there when you pull out the standard control unit - it's not DMX. It uses a 0-10V control method, where various volages mean different things to the machine.

I recently looked to fit one to mine, but £90 is a bit steep to repair what's (in my case) a scruffy and aging machine. Mine has a fault where the standard control unit is stuck on full smoke output all the time, which isn't particularly helpful. The PCB has rotted from constant soaking with smoke fluid. Considered building a new one, but life caught up with me!


If you decided to buy a DMX remote and no longer needed your standard remote (assuming it works), I'd maybe consider buying it off of you - contributes to your purchase of a DMX one and gets me a working smoke machine again!

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