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DMX Software w/ Audio playback


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I am after some advice on some new software for dancing concert shows I have coming up.


I have in the past used Showmagic SL Free, to run the Music track and lights simultaneously pre-programed for the show, but due to a venue change, I am after something with more DMX ch support.

It looks like the venue has the following.

25x Cans (2 12ch dimmers), 2 source 4's, 2 icolour4's.

and I'll be adding into the mix, 2 chevaut core 3x3's, 1 core 3x1, and some led cans.


I would like the software to be a little more friendly for programming, more visual.

But it also need to be easily run, as I am also one of the dancers, so a hit the go button for that number just before I go on sort of thing.


I have an Enntec Pro Mk2 Dongle.


The show is on Sun week.


Thanks Regards Michael

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You don't have to look further than to Enttec. Their D-Pro software is a visual computer based controller not simulating a lighting desk. It is very easy to program and use.


With your interface you can use two universes.

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Neither MagicQ nor D-Pro can do audio playback, I am not sure why people are suggesting those.


Without getting into MIDI triggering from separate audio software, which will make it more complicated rather than less, a paid-for version of Showmagic might be your best option.

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Well, I have not used audio sync myself but from the D-pro manual pages 18, 33 and 37 it seems to be possible. If it is, I think that a rugged touchscreen with the Show Control window maximized would be a perfect interface on a dark stage. With a limited number of cue lists per tab, the cue buttons can be really big and easy to hit.


The Show Control window also has a tap tempo button that would be useful if a more generic cue list is used in an improvised performance without preparation time available.

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MagicQ plus Winamp - see MagicQ manual section 36.


MagicQ supports the ability to control a PC running Winamp in order to synchronise audio and video

playback with lighting.

MagicQ can control the Winamp instance by patching a virtual Winamp personality which is then used to

select the track, position and to start and stop the track.

MagicQ can also accept timecode from Winamp and trigger Cues. In this case Winamp is the master of

the system.

Winamp can be running on a separate PC to the MagicQ system – in this case you need to run Winamp

and MagicQ Media Centre on the PC. The MagicQ console then sends Art-Net information to MagicQ

Media Centre, which in turn triggers Winamp.

Alternatively, both Winamp and MagicQ can be run on the same PC. In this case MagicQ interfaces

directly to Winamp and it is not necessary to run MagicQ Media Centre. Support for direct interfacing is

only enabled when connected to a MagicQ Wing or MagicQ Interface (not 3rd part interfaces or


Up to 4 different instances of Winamp are supported which allows up to 4 different tracks to be played



However, Winamp is about to be discontinued - see my separate post on the subject!


600 posts, I'm now a Chief - Wow!

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Maybe some of the pro console PC systems CAN run music along side lighting triggers. But the learning curve for a non lighting person is probably too great. Especially considering the timeframe the OP has specified.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Pro console PC versions are not the answer for every lighting control problem presented on BR.


I agree with Tim, a paid version of show magic is probably the best bet.



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I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Pro console PC versions are not the answer for every lighting control problem presented on BR.



The good thing about D-pro is that it is in no way a software copy of a console. I've tried those and I think they are hard to learn and primary meant for professionals using the console more or less daily. D-pro has a clean and simple interface and I think the learning curve is very flat. Provided a suitable profile is available, cues can be programmed almost directly after installing the program. The system with users sharing profiles means a lot of fixtures are covered, however the quality may of course vary.

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Jands Vista can indeed playback audio from cue lists . Either a track for the whole list or per individual cue, it will generate it's own time code to sync to or will respond to mtc and ltc I belive.

I used the internal time code and cue stack audio for a show recently.


Works very well but probably too steep a learning curve for the op.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.


I have played with MagicQ before, didn't find it too hard, except I couldn't get the winamp part functioning properly at the time. Although it was at least 12 months ago.


I did Consider Jands vista, I'll have a bit of a deeper look into it.


Previously I have used a Behringer LC2412 desk , which I know is not the best, but it worked well for what I did prev.

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Considering your show is in a weeks time, I would seriously suggest that you see if there is a local blue room member who might be able to come and help, or pay someone to come and program it for you. Once it's programmed then you will be able to press go and have the music and lighting timecoded. As I discovered, timecoding isn't for the faint hearted, my first attempt a few weeks ago was hard going and I already knew my way around the desk!


All the suggestions mentioned above are quite a leap from the software you mentioned, assuming you won't be able to get into the venue to program until dress rehearsal, your not going to have a lot of time to learn the desk, let alone program to a standard that you will be happy with.


If I wasn't on the other side of the world, I'd be quite happy to come and help out! There must be someone in Sydney on here who can give you some pointers?

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I won't be able to get into the venue till the afternoon of the performance.


So it is all going to be pre-progammed at home.

Once I get there, I will rig the few lights I bring in myself, setup the audio, the video cam, and then make sure the lights are working.


As the concert is for a special needs group, we couldn't afford to pay anyone for help.


It will be fairly simple lighting as I have done in the past.


Regards Michael.

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