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ETC EOS Family Fixture Library


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Does anyone know if there's a definitive list of which fixtures are in the latest EOS family fixture library?


I can find change logs for the latest, but can't face looking through all the previous logs not knowing when the fixture I'm looking for was added (or not added, as the case may be...) I've looked all over the ETC support website and can't find a straightforward list of what fixtures are in there.


My immediate question is: does the latest software have a personality for a Robe DLS? But a link to a list of all fixtures would be helpful in the longer term...

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Firstly, yes the latest update does have that fixture (as of 18th March 2013) if you have the OLE, go to the ETC folder in 'Documents' and their is a PDF called "FixtureReleaseNotes" which has all the updates/current fixtures in the software.



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