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EV ELX118p - Reliability issues?


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I bought a pair of EV ELX118p subs in May and have been very impressed with their performance vs portability. However, I had one fail on me a couple of weeks ago. There was no output coming from it and it wasn't passing a signal through to my top speaker. After thoroughly troubleshooting it turns out part of the electronics in the amp has gone wrong and is currently at EV being repaired.

Today I had another EV sub fail on me!! It appears to have a similar fault as it has stopped sending signal to my top speaker. There is sound coming out of the sub this time but there appears to be a similar fault in the circuit sending signal through to the top speaker!

I have spoke to a couple of companies who also own these EV subs. One company bought around the same time I bought mine and three of these had pretty much the same fault!!! Another company I spoke to bought theirs a couple of years ago and has totally thrashed them several times a week without any issues at all!!


This experience has made me pretty uneasy about these subs as I use them regularly for my job. I can't afford to have unreliable gear!! It does seem odd that 5 of these bought around the same time should have the same issue!!??? It's also odd that a company I know has thrashed their's several times a week for a couple of years without any issues whatsoever!?


Maybe it's a dodgy batch???


Has anyone else had any issues with their EV ELX118p subs???

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