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Jands Vista 2 Fixture required


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Hi folks need a fixture to add to the fixture library.

I cannot seem to find one online, although however because I'm rushing about I figure some of you out there may have a fixture you can refer me to or possibly email one (Depending on how nice you're feeling)

If you could refer me to where to look it would be great


The fixture is a Kam Liteobar 252


We only have the 128 which is significantly different


Any help would be greatly appreciated..



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Do you have an email address? I can make you something...email me; james.feenstra@aclighting.com


The fixture is kind of an odd one though, looks like channel 1 controls what mode the fixture is in and dictates if the other (up to) 10 channels function or not...


There's going to have to be a bunch of custom misc/color parameters for it to work


There's also a profile in Vista for the litobar 126 that appears to have the same DMX chart based on the Kam website

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